• Wafer Production Vacuum Chuck Components
  • PC Board Thermal Shields
  • Plasma Cleaning Equipment Thermal Insulators
  • Epitaxial & Lithography Machines IR Lamp Socket Holders
  • Test Equipment High Temperature IC Sockets
  • CVD/PVD Chambers Electrical Insulators & Supports

Analytical Instrumentation

  • Mass Spectrometer Filament Bases
  • Mass Spectrometer Pre-filters/Quadra-poles
  • Mass Spectrometer Lens Focusing Housings
  • HPLC Xenon Lamp Holders

Chemical Processing

  • Stand offs for PTFE (Teflon) CVD Chambers
  • Thermal Insulators for oxygen plasma chambers
  • Insulating igniter for H2 combustion
  • High Voltage insulator for corona treating

Rail Transportation & Power Generation

  • Banking Resistor Stand-off insulators
  • Heating System Insulators
  • Arc Chutes
  • Bus Bar Supports
  • Traction Motor Bush Holders

Aerospace & Military

  • High intensity lamp sockets and focusing structures
  • Aircraft light connectors and lamp sockets
  • Thermocouple and electrical terminals
  • Pocket cells for laser guidance systems
  • Thermal and support components for satellites

Medical Equipment

  • RF insulator for electrical scalpel
  • Heat flux regulator for apnea mask production
  • Thermal barrier for syringe production


  • Glass handling jigs, fixtures, bases and push outs
  • Thermal barriers for induction heaters
  • Welding nozzles
  • RF power supply matching network supports and insulators
  • Fuel cell electrical insulators and mechanical supports